We will fish with live bait. We will also fish for squids. Usually our catch is big. With all our love, we will offer you 3 kilos of fresh fish from our catches, which you can enjoy with your loved ones.
During your trip to magnificent Santorini, you should definitely include some boat trips, for fishing, and sightseeing. A visit to the volcano and the hot springs is a “not to miss” thing and among the most characteristic activities one can enjoy on the volcanic island.
Koutsoupia beach is a beautiful tropical beach on the eastern part of the island. Somewhere between Sami and Poros, is easily accessible only by sea.
So regardless if it’s a day trolling with artificial lures, live bait, speed jigging or casting out surface poppers, there is something for everyone.
Deep Sea Fishing around Anafi – 3 Hours away from Santorini
Deep Sea Fishing around Anafi – Nearby Islands